Holding All the Roses - Blackberry Smoke

Holding All the Roses

Blackberry Smoke

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2014-01-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2014 3 Legged Records, LLC. Under exclusive license to Rounder Records. Manufactured a


Title Artist Time
Let Me Help You (Find the Door Blackberry Smoke 3:03
Holding All the Roses Blackberry Smoke 3:17
Living In the Song Blackberry Smoke 3:24
Rock and Roll Again Blackberry Smoke 2:50
Woman In the Moon Blackberry Smoke 4:39
Too High Blackberry Smoke 3:11
Wish In One Hand Blackberry Smoke 3:10
Randolph County Farewell Blackberry Smoke 1:17
Payback's a Bitch Blackberry Smoke 4:19
Lay It All On Me Blackberry Smoke 3:09
No Way Back To Eden Blackberry Smoke 4:35
Fire In the Hole Blackberry Smoke 3:46


  • Great band but why do producers think they have to over produce

    By aeronca11
    Love this band. Found them about a month ago. Love listening to their music on YouTube and I feel I need to support bands and buy their full albums. Loved Whippoorwill but this one is just over produced. It would be nice for a producer to capture what a great live band is instead of trying to make a studio album. There is music in the silence between notes and every space does not need a sound. Also the guys have great vocals and harmonies they don't need so much added to it. Over all a very solid album with what sounds like a producer trying to hard to make it their album not the bands album.
  • Bringing Back “New” Southern Rock

    By MsBrown5110
    Why are they not played on the radio or SXM???? I absolutely L-O-V-E this band and seeing them live makes most everyone a lover of their music! Again…why are they not played??? Love em’!
  • Blackberry Smoke - Holdin' All the Rose

    By FXR dude
    I'm a fan. I've payed lots of money to see them live. I've bought their merchandise. Having said that, this cd's lyrics were very cliche' in a bad stereotypical redneck way... Great band but not the best material on this effort. A very poor follow up to The Whipporwill. I can't wait for their next cd but I'm over this one- And disappointed...
  • 5 Stars all the way

    By raiderfan760
    I’ve been a fan of these guys for the past few years and this is definitely their best album to date…. and that’s sayin’ something! Every cut is a winner.
  • Another stellar album

    By Rock DMC
    Blackberry Smoke is in their prime. This is a solid album that puts all of their styles and influences on display. There's not a weak track on it. There's little doubt these guys are on the rise. True rock n roll lives. This is what rock music is supposed to sound like.
  • Best new band in a long time

    By Melvis137
    Title says it all.
  • Tuned Voice

    By Anatomy137
    This is my favorite country band. The frontman has arguably one of the most genuinely talented voices. And this enitre album has reverb on his voice. I can't even listen to the album. A whole album I can't listen to because their idiotic sound engineer decided reverb on his voice would be a good idea.
  • Good Album but no timeless hits here.....

    By CJWelch
    It's a good album but to be honest, I expected alot more coming from a Brendan O'Brien produced album. O'Briend is known for producing timeless big time hits out of bands in the way that Robert Mutt Lange was able to do. I was quite surprised there was no big hooky type singles in this. All the songs seem equal and I think that has to do with BBS wanting to stay true to their roots and not stray of their own comfortable path. I still think they have a record in them that will bring them the elite status yet but this is not the one. Guess we'll be waiting another 3 years to see if a new album produces any timeless killers.
  • I love this band

    By uga7
    This band is my favorite band in along time I just hope they keep making music.
  • Blackberry Smoke is Southern Rock at its Best

    By Rockstar CPA
    The songwriting is absolutely unbelievable and so is the musicianship of the band. From Bad Luck Ain't No Crime, Little Piece of Dixie, The Whippoorwill, and now Holding All the Roses, the band delivers the best southern-rockin' music ever heard. Every single one of their songs is great. Everything they play is awesome. Holding All the Roses is my new favorite CD from these guys. Don't waste your time reading negative reviews. They may be fans of BBS, but they're stuck in the past. Listen closely to each song. A lot of their songs have very personal meanings to the band. Those songs are extra special, because they give you a glimpse of their southern roots and sense of family. I have been listening to the entire CD for the full ablum experience at least five times a day since getting it at midnight when it was released on iTunes. I can't put it down. It's just like all their other CDs. BEWARE, after listening to BBS everything else seems pale by comparison. It takes a long time to ween off of their music and play your other favorties. Happens to both me and my wife. That should tell you something.

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