Someone I Used to Know - Single - Zac Brown Band

Someone I Used to Know - Single

Zac Brown Band

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2018 Southern Ground Artists


Title Artist Time
Someone I Used to Know Zac Brown Band 3:29


  • Identity Crises

    By Luv Addict
    Man, Zac Brown is so much better than this millennial pop crap. Hoping the new album doesn’t sound like the “Snappy/Clappy pop crap. Just funny that a few years ago Zac called out Luke Bryan for his sold out crappy pop country tunes. Here’s Zac playing worst crappy dance pop country.
  • Why?

    By everyends
    What happened to the good Zac Brown? This sounds too much like his side project Sir Roosevelt
  • Sell outs

    By Zee Dogg
    So let me get this go from My Old Man to THIS?...I cannot believe what I’m hearing. What in God’s name is happening in this industry!!!!
  • Scary... hate to lose a great band.

    By Byrdgod
    I love Zac Brown Band. Have all the albums. I stay alert for their new stuff. This seems like the Sir Roosevelt experiment leaked over to the real deal country group. They desperately need to remain separated.
  • Zac Brown Band has lost their way

    By CountryMusicFan22
    Remember when they were just a small band, writing their own songs and playing their own instruments? Or when they called out mainstream “country artists” for not really writing country music, or writing the same old repetitive crap (also known as bro country). These guys used to be the mainstream gatekeepers of country music/country rock. They had some of the best modern mainstream country songs, and that’s why so many became fans of Zac. He saw the issues in modern country music, and the shift towards pop in the genre that is all too evident today. They had the right vision for modern country music. But for some reason, they lost it. They shifted towards pop, letting in synthesizers into their music. The sound shifted away from country music towards EDM, something Zac was very fond of. The fan backlash came with Jekyll + Hyde for this shift, and they listened and came out with the Welcome Home album, which was rather uninspired and not a completely notable album. A lot of the fans thought Zac learned his lesson after Jekyll + Hyde. But, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Once again, a pop song was released by Zac, in the country genre where it shouldn’t be. I’m afraid they have lost their sound, their touch. They’re no longer the gate keepers of country music. They’re losing me as a fan, and many of their fans, with this musical direction, which truly is sad. Gone are the days of the Zac Brown Band with albums like The Foundation, or You Get What You Give. Zac Brown Band has seemingly chosen a new direction, and they’ve lost their way.
  • Mixed feelings about this one.

    By skilit1990
    It just doesn’t match up with ZBBs roots or the country genre. This is a great song but I miss the Colder Weather and Chicken Fried ZBB.

    By *hiya*
    5/5 nothing less👍 Not rly country🚨 But still awesome😆 LOVE IT💕
  • They’re going

    By ? 57463
    The lyrics speak of what they’re doing. “It’s time to let go, someone that I used to know.” They’re letting go old songs to be there but now are trying to get better at different things. I think the song is great.
  • Awesome!

    By SoEclectic
    Love the new sound. I'm all for country evolving.
  • How can you hate this song? It’s amazing!

    By .....👎👎.
    So much hate because it’s not to country standards. Pffff this song is beautiful in every way don’t listen to the haters. Can’t wait for the album!!

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