Evolution (Deluxe) - Disturbed

Evolution (Deluxe)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-10-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2018 Reprise Records


Title Artist Time
Are You Ready Disturbed 4:21
No More Disturbed 3:52
A Reason to Fight Disturbed 4:44
In Another Time Disturbed 4:11
Stronger on Your Own Disturbed 4:01
Hold On to Memories Disturbed 5:03
Saviour of Nothing Disturbed 4:12
Watch You Burn Disturbed 4:20
The Best Ones Lie Disturbed 4:02
Already Gone Disturbed 4:28
The Sound of Silence (Live) [f Disturbed 4:52
This Venom Disturbed 4:19
Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Rem Disturbed 3:36
Uninvited Guest Disturbed 3:55


  • Different, Time will tell if Good or Bad

    By J Pops
    I'm actually going to write a review that is going to differ itself from the extremes that seem to be plaguing iTunes reviews lately. I've been following Disturbed since Ten Thousand Fists. That said, I am not familiar with their earliest works but I feel I know them enough to make a judgment call on their new album. It definitely feels like Disturbed is testing the waters with a more acoustic, hearfelt album that's riding on the heels of the band's immense success with their "Sound of Silence" cover. If you liked that song, you'll like this album. Evolution varies greatly with the sounds of its songs. "Are you Ready", "No More" and "Stronger on Your Own" sound more like the Disturbed we've gotten to know over the years with David Draiman's excellent vocals over that hard rock sound. Then there's "A Reason to Fight", "Hold on to Memories" and "Already Gone" which are quite literally straight up acoustic. It's a different sound for Disturbed. I haven't quite made up my mind whether it suits them or not, but you can't argue that Draiman's abilities are still top notch in this album. The lyrics of these new songs are powerful and the choruses are melodic and beautiful at times, showcasing that the band can put out an acoustic song with the best of them. The question isn't whether they can, Evolution answered that, they can, but it's if they should. I'll be making up my own mind on that one soon enough, but fans at least owe it to Disturbed to give the album a serious couple listens before falling to one side of the fence or another.
  • Sad...

    By Random cracker
    I’m a huge disturbed fan and was super excited for a new album, but this is awful. There’s nothing disturbed about this album, no spark like their older ones.
  • The Evolution of Disturbed!

    By ShinedownFan844
    I could give this album five stars simply because the live performance of "The Sound of Silence" with Myles Kennedy is on it! I get goosebumps every time I hear that rendition of that song. Yes, this album is quite different from previous albums, but I love how the band shows a bit of their softer side with "Hold On to Memories" and yet also still shows David Draiman's trademark growl in "Are You Ready" and "This Venom".
  • Some people...

    By Shawn m.c. Laughlin
    It’s amusing how some people say “It’s just like their other albums” and “It’s their same sound”. Like what the hell did you expect? It’s Disturbed, they’re going to keep rocking with new messages, new experiments (such as “Hold On To Memories”), and more ideas. If you want them to change their sound...listen to a new group. If you didn’t support this album in any way...you weren’t as loyal as you say. This album is the next step in their story and it’s only moving forward.
  • Lite but fantastic

    By vinone1
    Lightest album yet but very lyrical! Evolution is the perfect name for the album as this is like nothing they ever produced. It’s Very good!!!!! Great job guys!!!!
  • Great album!!

    By firesfd
    I agree this may be their best album! I have been a Disturbed fan since Down With the sickness! I love how he does hard and soft songs on this album! Great album!! I love it!!
  • Never Disappoints

    By Power#
    Disturbed has continuously delivered amazing quality and stayed true to their sound.
  • Love it!!!

    By Buz wuz
    I’ve always loved disturbed this album is great. It totally follows their style. Keep rocking on
  • woof

    By thesmurf523
    the heavier songs on the album sound like they were ripped right from five finger death punch, the lighter songs on the album, which there are way too many, sound boring and like they were done quickly just to get the album done and over with. Only could handle about 2 listens through of it before i totally lost interest which hasnt happened with a disturbed album besides asylum.hey have totally lost their sound and their touch.
  • I am glad I didn’t buy this

    By vXEtherealXv
    I can count on 2 fingers the number of songs I like on this record...with one finger left over. Swing and a miss.

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